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Episode 127

Kevin explains his recent short absence.

Is maintaining the show akin to raising a baby money-wise? Kev thinks so. Matt and Angel disagree.

Who is a hippie?

Super Bowl 49 plans and some NFL talk.

Matt saved a baby. Sort of. (Not really)

Eating that seafood.

Kevin got a treadmill off Craigslist.

What's Buzzing on the Net With Angel:

- The new Kim Kardashian T Mobile commercial.

- The new Ghostbusters cast has been announced. 

- Chris Pratt might be the next Indiana Jones.

- Obama talks some drone regulation.

- Major League Football wants to come to Orlando.

- the Deadpool movie is happening with a tiny budget and an R-rating.

- Hip Hop stamp collection

- "Uber Essentials" is getting reworked.

- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx documentary is coming out.

- Victor Oladipo is going to participate in the slam dunk contest.

Zach Galifianakis lost a bunch of weight.

Jared Leto is hooking up with Lupita Nyong'o.

Some Oscar talk and movie talk.

The new Snapchat is weird.

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SBKLIVE EPISODE 126: Doctored Balls

Just Matt and Angel tonight, with Chris Crespo sitting in for a bit.

The New England Patriots Deflategate/Ballghazi story. Angel thinks it is all manufactured. Matt thinks the Patriots cheat all the time.

Oscar talk with Chris Crespo (

Matt thinks The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the dumbest movies he's ever seen.

Some American Sniper talk.

They run through some of the major Oscar categories.

What's Buzzing on the Net With Angel

A lil NBA talk.

Some local brewers/pub news.

SXSW contest with eSurance and Mashable, with a "Big Boy Prize."

Drug mule drone crash lands on US/MEX border.


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SBKLIVE EPISODE 125: Wakie Wakie

Matt got a new tattoo.

Some talk about some dude who will probably get drafted to the NFL.

Talking about some college bowl games.

Oscar nominations came out and they were very white.

Matt actually watched the Golden Globes.

Kevin caught up on The Breakfast Club (the tv show, not the movie).

Some talk about Girls, Marco Polo and Peaky Blinders.

Would you rather live in a kangaroo's pouch or have a pouch with a tiny kangaroo in it?


What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel

There's an app called Wakie that is getting popular.

The 20 best mix tapes of 2014.

There's a blue tooth speaker that looks like a Death Star and has something to do with magnets, bitch.

There's a new Ghostface album.

There's some crazy new camera.

One hit wonders of hip hop of the last decade.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather - Kevin wants to throw an old school fight party.

Matt tries the Wakie app and it goes horrible.

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@SBKLIVE Episode 124: Do you suck Toes?

The guys talk about the theme parks in town like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and getting annual passes.

Kevin cursed 2014, so he won't do the same with 2015.

Kevin wants Matt to see SELMA.

Matt saw Book of Mormon.

Kevin thinks he can be an okay actor, maybe be the lead of a Full Sail movie.

A quick talk about ballet turns into Kevin asking Matt if he's a toe sucker.

Apparently there was some butt eating in this week's episode of GIRLS.

Angel had a rough Xmas week.

A recap of Matt's Burpee for Bucks challenge.

Kevin finally watched BLACK MIRROR.

Kevin thanks everyone who donated to the show via cause the show isn't free to create.

Is everyone up on their terrorism?

New Years Eve in Times Square looks miserable.

Some more of that Bill Cosby talk.

Matt and Kevin saw THE INTERVIEW.

How does Nikki Minaj date?

There are various beefs around Iggy Azalea and Azalea Banks, respectively.

Nike is trying to make sneakers with power laces a la BACK TO THE FUTURE II


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Episode 123

The guys start out by talking about some music, like that Young Thug fella.

Kevin tries to figure out which cities have the most show listeners.

Kevin wants to take the show on the road and meet listeners throughout the country.

Talking about that U.S. - Cuba deal.

Obama declared December 26th a holiday.

Where’s George Zimmerman?

Matt went to his first White Elephant gift exchange party.

NFL player quits to become a fireman.

Death Row records is on death’s door.

Kevin thinks the SONY hack is the biggest story of the year.

What’s Buzzing on the Net with Angel

- Rajon Rondo is going to Dallas, Jameer Nelson is going to Boston

- Leah Remini on the Ellen show, did she catch her husband cheating on her via telephone?

- North Korea as the bad guy in multiple movies

- Bobby Shmurda and his whole crew got arrested by the NYPD.

- Instagram scrubbed the fake and inactive accounts on their service.

- Jack White did some stuff.

- The original HumVee will be made available for purchase to civilians.

Some social media talk. Instagram is the most popular and Ello is pippin’ off.




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Episode 122 Notes 

Kevin has an idea for a new app only for genitals. 

More SONY hack developments. 

Help us raise money for a great cause and to #MakeMattPuke at #BurpeesForBucks. Click the link for more info and to donate!


Bill Cosby update, who will he give his first interview to, and Kevin’s conspiracy theory 

regarding this scandal and Bill Cosby trying to buy NBC.

Jeb Bush wants to run for President. Kevin thinks he has a fat head. 

Tom The Beer Guy comes on to talk beers, and the guys sample a bunch of wintery dark beers. 

After a lot of beer drinking, some more Bill Cosby talk, plus some other stuff. 




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@SBKLIVE Episode 119 - Matt's Year in Review

To start the show, Matt is joined by Chris Crespo and Drewster Cogburn from the show Cinema Crespodiso (, and they talk a little about the new Star Wars trailer.

Matt breaks out two Top Ten of 2014 lists - one for television shows and one for movies. They discuss the selections and Matt asks Chris and Drew what they felt should have been included.

Angel tells Matt about the women of Majorca.

What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel

A male birth control pill is coming.

Black Friday 2014 deals.

UF got a new coach.

University of Alabama Birmingham shut down their football program. Matt smells Alabama football conspiracy.

Wiz Khalifa's Instagram account is poppin.

Matt breaks out one more top ten list of 2014 for Angel, this one about the best singles of the year.


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@SBKLIVE Episode 118- Full Effect

Kevin put down his trombone and picked up the trumpet.

This is the 1st Thanksgiving Angel had to handle the turkey, and now Angel loves TJ Maxx.

Some old guy gave a heavy speech before Matt’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Some more Cosby talk (zippy bop di foo bop!)

Separating the art from the artist and the NFL.

Ray Melo is in studio with Carmen Acosta (from his new band Full Effect) and Katie Rose from Tin Roof (opening soon on International Drive).

Ray explains the demise of The Duo and tells us about his TWO podcasts and he thinks the Cosby thing is a big conspiracy.

Full Effect performs two songs as an audition for in Tin Roof

What’s Buzzing on the Net with Angel

Wu Tang’s new album

Mr. Skin released top nude scenes of 2014.

Star Wars trailer

56-year old Madonna is going topless in Interview Magazine

The anniversary of the Thriller video.

Blackberry is trying to stay in business.



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