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@SBKLIVE Episode 157- HamFisted

Matt is about halfway through a cleanse and this is the hardest time.


Kevin is getting surgery to put a tube in his gut for future dialysis purposes.


Matt talks about recent popular pranks that went too far.


Kevin needs shows to watch.


Matt enjoyed Sharknado 3 but Kevin thinks it is all so stupid.


Some quick Fantasy Football talk.


Some dude with a jheri curl went to Bojangles to get chicken but got $4K in cash and a dick-ish attitude from the manager.


Where can Matt go where there is no extradition?


Lebron James = future movie star?


Do kids these days know who the Looney Toons are?


Kevin is ready for football, as well as betting on football.


Matt wants to know where are all the naked chicks doing cocaine parties?


Which celebs would get mobbed at the food court?


Kanye is just doing normal stuff now.




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Notes by Chris Crespo



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The Espys are stupid

SBK is getting Married

We all like Mr Robot

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Bill Cosby is DONE! So are many other celebrities! Let's start with the big fish.
Bill Cosby admits to drugging women. Seriously, he admitted it.
Jared from Subway is allegedly a part of a kiddie porn ring.
NAMBLA is a real thing, be afraid.
The age of consent in Columbia is 14 years old. Matt knows about this why?
Paula Dean is done because her son wore some brown face many years ago. Racist!
Dog the Bounty Hunter was on TV with Don Lemon. Kevin LOVES to hate-watch.
Jason Pierre-Paul injured himself apparently. He could never play football again.
The FSU quarterback is done at 19. Who? Why? I don't know. Maybe Kevin does.
Football talk...
The Rebel Flag is coming down off of the South Carolina state capital. What does everyone think?
Marion County voted unanimously to fly the Rebel Flag at the county courthouse. Of course they did.
Don't forget about SBK Aid. Sunday July 12th from 12pm-5pm at The Lodge in downtown Orlando. Be there or be square.
Time for The Buzz!
Orlando Magic's draft pick is looking good in the Summer League. Matt is not sold on the draft pick.
The RZA and the bassist from System of a Down are doing music together.
Kendrick Lamar is trying to unite gangs with colored shoes. Yup.
ESPN has the annual body issue.
ASAP Rocky apologizes for being dumb.
More football players in trouble.
New music from Pete Rock.
Comic-Con 2015 stuff has been revealed.
Nike is the king of sports apparel.
Sports memes are funny.
GoPro is coming out with a cube. It's water proof and awesome.
Kevin Hart and The Rock are having fun on the internet.
Internet memes are taking over the world.
That's all folks!




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Notes by Drewster Cogburn

Twitter: @Antihero419



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Kevin is tired of pop culture and wants to do something different. Matt and Angel try to find out what that something could be.


Fancy Bologna Sandwich


Kevin wants to move somewhere but doesn't know where.


A lil talk about the EW Batman vs Superman cover photo with Wonder Woman.


Kevin is bored with everything on TV, though he does like Sense8 on Netflix.


Give me fifteen Diddies.


A little NBA free agent talk.


Talking about the incredibly lame GOP presidential candidates out right now.


That new Rihanna video is crazy.


Kevin wants to get a second dog to be buddies with Charlie Giggles.


Angel is going to Colorado.


Kevin thinks that his new found apathy might be because he can not smoke weed anymore.


A quick update on Kevin's kidney situation.




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Notes by Chris Crespo



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The Ned Stark of Radio or

Matt, Angel and Dom from The Supervillains are putting on a fundraiser for Kevin on Sunday July 12th at The Lodge in downtown Orlando from 12 to 5. It is gonna be sweet, you need to show up.

Matt just came back from a bachelor party for his friend Handsome Bob, where he got to bro out with old college friends.

Angel tells Kevin about some good live shows in town lately.

Talking about the Orlando Magic draft pick from last week and the NBA free agency market.
Matt in Banana Land
Kevin had a dream that he played saxophone and drums in a marching band.
What's Buzzing on the Net? with Angel

- Skrillex donating music gear to youth centers on each stop of his tour.
- Woman kicks out Jahil Okafor for being a 2-minute man and runs him down on Twitter.
- NWA reunion of sorts at BET Awards.
- People now communicate soley via emoji. ✌👙🐄🚁
- Gmail reveals "undo send" feature.
- Kanye getting trolled at Glastonbury.
- The launch of Apple Music.
- FOX News going after Kendrick Lamar.

Shia LaBeouf raps, gets called out for plagiarizing. Again.



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Notes by Chris Crespo



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Chris Crespo from Cinema Crespodiso sits in for Matt this week.

We're LIVE tonight around 7pm at
Call us at 855-693-4725

Kevin feels rich and white, but wonders if he can become Puerto Rican. Obviously having transracial issues.

Time for some Rachel Dolezal talk. She's white but told everyone she was black. Holy racial backlash Batman!

Did you see Lebron James' penis? Apparently it rode a dragon.

EVERYONE dies in Game of Thrones!

Back to the Dolezal talk. Blah, blah, blah, race, blah, etc.

Kevin still doesn't like Steph Curry. Probably because he's light skinned.

Remember Shaq's line of shoes?

Rachel Dolezal round 3. Fight!

Let's pick a President! What are the options again? Why do I care?

Aliens are coming in September! Putin says we've been contacted...or not.

Soccer! Kaka! #GoCity

Good soccer or bad basketball, which do you choose?

Free chips & guacamole when you wear a FSU shirt. Wait...what?

Kevin is hosting Drew Garabo's show this week on The Bone. What will he do?

Assplay on the radio. WTF? Truffle Butter: case and point.

Kevin spent his 20's in the strip clubs, in case you didn't know.

NBA finals game 6 tonight. Golden State vs Cleveland. Discuss!

Kevin is on a hating spree. The Beatles, Iggy Azalea, T.I., screw them all!

Remember, nobody's perfect.


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Notes by Drewster Cogburn
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Game of Thrones is Good. Lebron is growing on Matt. Bill Murray still sucks and the police are bad. Dragons.Use our Amazon link when you shop and support the show



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Episode 150 Show Notes


Are Will and Jada Pinkett Smith swingers?

Kevin has a new name for the show. And it is uncomfortable.
Matt likes his Americanized Chinese food and Americanized Mexican food.
Kevin drags his girlfriend into a conversation about cheating.
Tuddle calls in to the show drunk on scotch and high on dabs. Things start out perfectly and then ends very awkwardly.
Ray Melo calls in to announce that he is moving to Abu Dhabi this summer. Kevin tries to talk him out of it. Matt wants him to go so he can have a place to stay when he visits.

Robert from California calls the show.

Kevin needs a slogan for the SBK BBQ Company.
Matt put money on Golden State to win the Finals. Kevin thinks Cleveland will win.
No one likes Dwight Howard.
James Harden slept with a random chick and she posted an Instagram selfie with him when he fell asleep.
Is there an underground black market for breast milk for cross fit folks?
Who did Bow Wow sleep with?
What movies are coming out this summer?
A DJ got beat to death for playing an Iggy Azalea song at a prom.



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Notes by Chris Crespo



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Episode 149 notes


SCOTUS rules in favor of rapper who threatened wife and kids on Facebook.


Orlando Magic got a new coach.


Orlando City Soccer is paying for their new stadium.


Kevin is tired of the Jameis Winston crab leg jokes.


Kevin notes how the times they are a-changing regarding attitudes towards the LGBT community.


Matt tells a story about someone he knows who has a friend getting a sex change operation.


Caitlyn Jenner is crushing Twitter records.


What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel


- Iggy Azalea cancels her 2015 tour due to a "creative change of heart."


- California porn workers might have to start wearing protective eyewear.


- FBI is operating a small surveillance airforce in our country to spy on us without permission.


- A new Mad Max is coming.


- Eminem released a new song.


- Spin Magazine top 50 albums of the year.


Some talk about new TV shows to wrap the show.




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Notes by Chris Crespo



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Happy Hurricane Season

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