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@SBKLIVE Episode 136

Matt and Angel don't tell Kevin anything, and Kevin wants that changed.

Kevin hates cords and wants to know why there isn't a bigger push to get rid of them.

What Kevin knows and doesn't know about Net Neutrality.

Bushes be shopping.

Angel wants to fly on Korean Air and they started following him on Twitter.

Tom the Beer Guy comes on to talk about his brand new (and super delicious) Back in the Day IPA, his new beer can designs, and then Kevin tries to push his buttons with some political stuff.

What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel

- NFL player Larry Sanders walks away from the game.

- Little Caesar's Bacon Wrapped Pizza

- A Daft Punk statue rendering of the guys without their masks.

- Marlon Wayans was THIS close to playing Richard Pryor in a biopic.

- Massive Attack is working with two of Angel's favorite artists.

Kevin doesn't think people use Twitter properly.

Kevin thinks Aaron Hernandez is gonna walk and Angel thinks he is toast.

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Episode 135 

Some Oscar talk.

Randy Quaid is crazy.

Talking about conspiracies is fun.

People need to see Citizenfour.

How can we change the game? Because the game is rigged.

Talking about the Middle East and American Sniper.

Matt's zombie game app.

How to get tickets for the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight.

Can you work a job you hate for a lot of money?

A lil talk about Puerto Rico.

New shows on television.

Some more talk about other stuff to end the show.

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Episode 134 - Alex Hates The Show

Matt starts the show with a shout out to Alex from Malabar.

Kevin has some Hollywood based conspiracy theories.

Afroman punched a lady in the face on stage during a show.

Eddie Murphy turned down portraying Bill Cosby in the Celebrity Jeopardy skit on #SNL40.

The details of the Warren Sapp arrest from Super Bowl weekend.

A lil talk about current TV shows to wrap up the show.


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Notes by Chris Crespo


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SBKLIVE Episode 133-We Live Bitch

Kevin was too slow on capitalizing on Dwight Howard grabbing that dick.

Kevin needed Oladipo to win the slam dunk contest.

Some NBA All Star game talk leads directly into a discussion about how rich dudes pay people like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian for "dates."

A lil talk about dating strippers or ex-strippers somehow leads to Kevin looking up Kim Kardashian pics online.

Matt didn't watch any All Star stuff because there was so much other shit to watch on TV.

Talking about that #SNL40.

What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel

- Chelsea Handler is out getting beads at Mardi Gras. You know what that means.

- Montana finna ban yoga pants!

- A look at the numbers behind Pornography in the US and on the web.

- People want to bring back the DEF JAM'S VENDETTA video game, mostly because of the soundtrack.

- The Howard Stern of BBC left to go work for the new Apple streaming service.

- The Vuhl 5 is the world's first Mexican sports car.

The Daytona 500 is coming, but Matt thought it already happened.




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@SBKLIVE Episode

The Oscars are next week.


Space X talk.

Tiger Woods is done.

Karl Malone wants to fight Kobe Bryant.

J Prince sends threats to Diddy, Lil Wayne, Baby and more.

Some pot growers in Europe got busted because of the lack of snow on their roof.

Kanye is good for business.

Dwight Howard grabbed a teammate's junk on TV.

Taylor Swift registered

Kevin registers some domain names online.

What's Buzzing on the Net with Angel

- The little girl from the Missy Elliot video Work It is all grown up.

- More talk about the new Spider-Man deal.

- Off grid homes are now illegal in Florida.

- A teenager in Florida had to get a penis reduction.

- Diplo stole a gif to promote his album, people are getting at him about copyright infringement.

- Homeland Security is getting in the repo business.


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@SBKLIVE Episode 131 - Booty Eating Backlash

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John Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.

Brian Williams...he gotta go?

What's up with Jameis Winston using that water jet pack?

Some talk about The Grammys, Kanye, Beck and so on.

Talking about that Better Call Saul.

What's Buzzing on the Net With Angel

- Sony makes deal with Marvel and Disney to partner up on new Spider-Man movies.

- Music industry folk are getting at Kanye for his post Grammy rant.

- The cheapest paradises in which to vacation.

- Budweiser stepped in it with their stupid Super Bowl commercial shitting on micro breweries and craft beer.

BREAKING NEWS = Brian Williams suspended for 6 months without pay.

- The Saddest Cities in America, according to Amazon. Orlando and Miami both make the top five.

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@SBKLIVE Episode 130- Grab the Gator

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The Orlando Magic fired their head coach.

- Matt didn't think it was handled very well.

- Who will be their next coach?

- A barber is giving unruly kids Benjamin Button haircuts.

- This leads to a discussion about disciplining kids.

Bruce Jenner is transitioning from male to female.

Kevin is not a Mila man but he gets it.

What's Buzzing on the Net? With Angel

- RIP Radio Shack

- A family of 3 survived the recent Taiwanese plane crash.

- The 12 easiest countries for working and living abroad.

- Beyonce contributed a song to Fifty Shades of Grey

- Sam Raimi peoduced a remake of The Poltergeist 

- The founder of Silk Road found guilty of multiple major felonies.

- Derek Jeter's girlfriend is on the cover of this year's SI swimsuit issue.

- Apple is getting into the streaming music service business.

Kevin wants to know what the next big Apple product will be because that watch ain't it.

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SBKLIVE Episode 129 - Don't Hate Your Dick, Be a Dick

How about that Super Bowl?

Have you ever had a night ruined by your favorite team losing? Cause Matt has.

Katy Perry flew on a comet, farted sparks on everyone and discovered Missy Elliot, while a Shark Dancer went rogue.

This week marks ten years of SBK LIVE.

Kevin gets everyone lost in a circle of analogies and metaphors.

Kevin's neighbors still have their Christmas lights up and another neighbor has Valentine's Day lights.

What's Buzzing on the Net? with Angel

- Funkmaster Flex and Jay Z got that USDA 100% prime American beef.

- SONY is settling with customers for the many PS4 Network hacks.

- Shockingly bad corporate slogans.

- There was some crazy Jack White performance.

- a lil talk about the last SNL.

- Russell Wilson's interception cost Las Vegas bookmakers millions of dollars.

- 50 Cent and ASAP Rocky also got themselves some of that delicious beef.

Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd couldn't let those other guys hog up all the beef, so they got some beef of their own. Dudes be trippin'.

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@SBKLIVE Episode 128-Props

We start the show talking about our plans for the Super Bowl

Brazillain Steak House cravings

Ridiculous Super Bowl Bets

Suge Knight Hit and Run



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Episode 127

Kevin explains his recent short absence.

Is maintaining the show akin to raising a baby money-wise? Kev thinks so. Matt and Angel disagree.

Who is a hippie?

Super Bowl 49 plans and some NFL talk.

Matt saved a baby. Sort of. (Not really)

Eating that seafood.

Kevin got a treadmill off Craigslist.

What's Buzzing on the Net With Angel:

- The new Kim Kardashian T Mobile commercial.

- The new Ghostbusters cast has been announced. 

- Chris Pratt might be the next Indiana Jones.

- Obama talks some drone regulation.

- Major League Football wants to come to Orlando.

- the Deadpool movie is happening with a tiny budget and an R-rating.

- Hip Hop stamp collection

- "Uber Essentials" is getting reworked.

- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx documentary is coming out.

- Victor Oladipo is going to participate in the slam dunk contest.

Zach Galifianakis lost a bunch of weight.

Jared Leto is hooking up with Lupita Nyong'o.

Some Oscar talk and movie talk.

The new Snapchat is weird.

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